Old Sad Songs Business Consulting

Things Have Changed, Relatively Quickly

Don't Let Your Revenue Get Stuck In The Past

Clean White Bulb

I offer Business Consulting to photographers, landscape or portrait, of all experience levels, focusing on 'what works' today instead of what was great yesterday. 

Also, I specialize in business models that provide clients with print products instead of only digital files.

We just saw upwards of seven years worth of technological transformation occur over the past year & none of that is going away!

Are you ready to see what you're missing?

Tackle Today's Challenges

Right now, it's more important than ever that you meet your clients where they are by removing roadblocks & that you show your clients that you care.

Don't wait for things to return to what used to be normal. Instead, now is the time to adapt, keeping in mind that people buy from people.

I can help you be competitive in today's landscape.

All roads lead to success.


Here are a few areas that we'll focus on:


Social Media

It's all about conversations & posting content with a measurable business objective in mind.



Engage your audience with your content & create demand - no one likes missing out. 


Strategic Content

Get your brand in front of new audiences that, in return, become your customers.


Offerings & Pricing

Understand what to offer, how to price everything, and create a solid offering unique to other photographers.


The Buyer's Context

A targeted approach to create highly relevant buying experiences tailored to the buyer's unique needs.


Today's Technology

Work smarter by leveraging robust technology solutions in your stack that work seamlessly together.

Get Boots On The Ground

Clean White Boot



The Inbound Methodology

Inbound uses a combination of high-quality content, search engine optimization (SEO) & great experiences to attract qualified leads that turn into customers.

This enables you to spend your time working closely with buyers that actually want your help & are also good fits for your solution.

Overall, Inbound is about being human, helpful & holistic.



Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media & paid advertising are used to earn prospective customers' attention.



By making it easy to buy from you on the buyer's timeline, you can focus on understanding the buyer's context & building lasting relationships. 



Empower your customers to achieve their goals & support them every step of the way. Your customers will reward you by applying force to the flywheel.