Old Sad Songs Social Media Coaching

Unlock Organic Growth With Strategies That Measure Up

Social Media is composed of conversational platforms that allow your brand to connect with users personally.

It's all about posting content with a measurable business objective in mind & audience engagement. 

I have a working formula for organic growth & we can accelerate growth with paid ads that address all aspects of the buyer's journey. 


Here are three pillars that we'll focus on:


On-Brand Profiles

Everything starts here. Profiles that are optimized for conversions are necessary for any growth to occur.


Strategic Content

Get your brand in front of new prospects that will become your customers after being nurtured. 


Audience Engagement

Engage your audience & generate demand - no one likes missing out while being relatable and human.


Customized Solutions

Every situation is unique & there's no one-size-fits-all solution. So instead, we'll work together to create the framework for your Social Media strategy.

From there, if you wish for long-term support, we'll decide together what services & SLAs are necessary to allow you to handle what you want & for us to take care of the rest.

No matter what, we'll equip you with the tools you need for Social Media success!


Audience Building

We'll target the correct accounts to become part of your audience & you'll quickly notice the difference.


Posts, Stories, Videos

Sharing content in the formats that your audience members prefer will keep your brand top-of-mind.


Platform Optimized

Work smarter, not harder, by optimizing content for each platform that you post to.


Social Media Marketing

To Grow Your Business 

Your social media accounts drive traffic back to your website and provide you with the insights you depend on to run your business when properly implemented.

If you don't already have an inbound strategy with an established web presence, we can help with that too!

Times might seem uncertain, but that's not going to stop you from growing your business and attaining your goals.

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The Inbound Methodology

We use the Inbound Methodology to make your social media profiles outperform your competition.

Inbound uses a combination of high-quality content, search engine optimization (SEO) & great experiences to attract qualified leads that turn into customers.

This enables you to spend your time working closely with buyers that actually want your help & are also good fits for your solution.

Overall, Inbound is about being human, helpful & holistic.



Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media & paid advertising are used to earn prospective customers' attention.



By making it easy to buy from you on the buyer's timeline, you can focus on understanding the buyer's context & building lasting relationships. 



Empower your customers to achieve their goals & support them every step of the way. Your customers will reward you by applying force to the flywheel.