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Introducing Chris Ruiz

Photographer, Inbound & Social Media Consultant

Everyone has a favorite old sad song! What's yours?

Having spent almost a decade working in the service industry, I changed careers in 2012 and focused my professional life on working in business-to-business companies. Around this time, I learned how to shoot photos on film using a plastic 35mm film camera.

Being a self-taught photographer with a strong background in shooting film gave me a skill set different from many photographers today, which shows throughout my work. I focus on capturing stories through the lens of a camera and by researching the history of what I take photographs.

Please send me a message and ask me about my favorite old sad songs.

Photo of Chris Ruiz taken by Kat Swansey.


Experience Photography

What makes Chris Ruiz and Old Sad Songs Photography different from other photographers?

Professional Equipment

I create timeless keepsakes and art using the best professional cameras, lenses, and software.


I incorporate storytelling into my photography through the lens of my camera.

Historical Context

I honor history by sharing the stories of the places I take photographs so that you can share those stories with others.

Here To Serve

I believe in being helpful, human, and holistic when working with others.

Empowering Others

I believe empowering others and lifting them up is the best way to grow.

Shared Goals

We share the same goals, and I won't waste your time when we don't.


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