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You're A Professional

Differentiate by focusing on print products.

Everyone thinks that they want digital files because so many photographers only make money by spending all their time taking pictures, so they don't spend time helping their clients figure out what to do with those pictures. Instead, provide a customer-centric experience that focuses on delivering print products instead of digital files, and the results might surprise you. 

Inbound & Social Media

Grow Your Business

Attract, engage & delight your ideal clients.

When your website looks like an afterthought and your social media presence revolves around discounts, the clients you end up working with won't see what you have to offer. Think about how you can capture someone's attention and even inspire them to work with you doing what you do best. Get your online presence in a place that sets you up to do amazing things.



Here Are A Few Offerings

Let's take your photography to the next level together.

Website Review

Learn how you can unlock your website's full potential to attract customers. In as few as two business days, you'll receive the valuable insights you need.

Instagram Review

Discover how you can unlock your Instagram account's full potential. In as little as two business days, you'll receive the valuable insights you need.

Be Featured

Apply to become a featured photographer where your photography will be promoted and sold in the Old Sad Songs Photography online shop for three months. 

Business Consulting

For photographers, landscape or portrait, of all experience levels, start focusing on 'what works' today instead of what was great yesterday.

Social Media Coaching

Success on social media is about posting content with a measurable business objective in mind and audience engagement.

Monday Video Chat

Meet up with other working photographers every Monday during the day for a zoom video chat. Please fill out this request to join form.

Should We Work Together?

Landscapes or portraits, any experience level, help is an email away.


For Photographers

Written by a photographer.

Blog posts with a focus on Photography, the Inbound Methodology, and Social Media.